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Saturday night with Jacqueline and Samira in Munich…


Pictures of an exhibition

Peter Sahle

Luccia Rizzieri

Satita Rojpojjanarat

Sooyeon Kim

Yamuna Valenta

Jacqueline Santos

Melanie Sinnhofer

Anna Davern

Wolfgang Löffler

Elisabeth Reichl

Samira Götz

Anja Eichler


Our last night in Hallein

dinner at a wonderful restaurant which we all wished we had found before the last day.

Wonderful presents distributed and a few tears were shed.



In the beginning

So the beginning of the blog starts with the end of the course.

Our 'graduating' exhibition was held in the salt store which was where the lunchtime lectures were held during the Summer Academy. Manuel Vilhena (our teacher) managed to procure this area for our exclusive use which was fantastic as we were able to create a strong and cohesive exhibition of our work as a group.

Here are some photos of the opening, hopefully everyone will also share their photos of their experiences in Jewellery and Other Stories.

 a very series Peter Sahle and a joyous Elisabeth Reichl 
after one of her works was purchased by a jewellery collector.

 Elisabeth Reichl and Sooyeon Kim

 Flora Vagi (Manuel's assistant and a wonderful jeweller)

 one of the works from the painting students - everyone will recognise the model I'm sure

It was so sad to say goodbye to all our new friends and to Hallein and the Alte Saline. I think we were really fortunate to have such a good group of people (students AND teachers) and our camaraderie was wonderfully unique at the academy (at least as far as my observation goes)

Many thanks to the wonderful Manual Vilhena

(rousing applause)

The first post on our blog! miss you all..